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"Si parla, si canta" Testimonials

I wish I could truly put into words how wonderful this program was for me. Everything I write seems to fall flat, or sounds "sales pitchy" but the program really did change my life. It is truly amazing how many things I gained from “Si parla, si canta.” Because of the wonderful, in-depth coachings I received, plus the opportunity to collaborate with other talented musicians, I feel I made more progress in one month than in a whole semester at school. All of the things I learned, I was able to put to use almost immediately since we performed at least once a week. Besides excellent musical training, the language school was also wonderful. You are often able to practice what you’ve learned in the classroom later that very day. This constant learning experience enriches you as a performer, musician, and person. ~~ Jennifer W., soprano (University Doctoral candidate, ‘08)

"Si parla, si canta" truly changed my perceptions of music, performance, and language in one month. The instruction was incredible, and the small town life allowed me to practice Italian and absorb culture every day. I couldn't have asked for a better program. ~~ Zachary B., baritone (University junior '08)

‘Si parla, si canta’ is a fabulous program that all young singers and coaches should get to experience! Being able to interact with such fine faculty and other ambitious musicians is a priceless experience where learning is abounding. I met wonderful friends while studying in Urbania, and learned a lot of challenging repertoire. I would highly recommend SPSC to anyone looking for a challenging but fun summer program! ~~ Rebekah, pianist (University graduate student‘'10)

I absolutely loved the program because it not only gave us intense language learning and the opportunity to incorporate everything into opera scenes, but also a wonderful cultural immersion. We were all spoiled by the willingness of our teachers to help at the language school, the priceless direction we received from the coaches, and the social interactions with the people in Urbania. It was an amazing way to spend a month in Italy! ~~ Emily J., soprano (Conservatory freshman, ‘08)

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the opportunities given to me through "Si parla, si canta." I don't believe I have ever learned so much in 4 weeks. The information and the experience that I received in Urbania were so beneficial to me. Again thank you for such an amazing opportunity. ~~ Aaron L., tenor (Conservatory graduate student, ‘08)

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