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Tuition & Fees

Tuition for “Si parla, si canta” is determined by what type of housing you prefer. The following information details all of the possible options.

“Si parla, si canta” – 2022 Edition
(June 18 – July 16, 2022)

Arona, Italy

Because of the intrusion of the Coronavirus in our lives, the entire tuition to “Si parla, si canta” will be paid this year in one lump sum, due on May 1, 2022.

Send a check or money order payable to “Si parla, si canta” in the amount that matches the housing situation you desire listed below, to: “Si parla, si canta,” Benton Hess, Artistic Director, 1900 Empire Boulevard #234, Webster, NY 14580 (USA).

If you wish to wire the amount you owe from your bank to “Si parla, si canta,” please let us know, and we will supply you with our bank information.

  • SHARED BEDROOM - SHARED APARTMENT: If you choose to be in a shared apartment with other students in the program in a shared bedroom, you will owe $5,555 (USD).

  • SINGLE BEDROOM - SHARED APARTMENT:If you choose to be in a shared apartment with other students in the program in a single room, you will owe $5,805 (USD).

Your tuition payment covers the following:

Arona, Italy

  • Bus transfer from Milan’s Malpensa Airport directly to Arona.

  • Lodging in a fully appointed apartment in either a single or shared room with other participants in the program.

  • 4 weeks of intensive Italian instruction (76 hours).

  • All textbooks and notebooks for Italian courses.

  • At least two private coachings per week on your solo repertoire with our esteemed faculty.

  • Group coachings and rehearsals on assigned repertoire.

  • Incredible performance opportunities at some of the most cherished venues in northern Italy.

  • Master classes with internationally known artists.

  • A ticket to a performance at Milano’s La Scala opera house or at the Teatro Regio in Torino. Bus transfer is, of course, included.

  • Bus transfer from Arona to Milan at the end of the program.

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