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Welcome to "Si parla, si canta" 2019 now in Arona, Italy

Benton Hess, Artistic Director, Si parla, si canta
Benton Hess, Artistic Director
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“Si parla, si canta” is an exceptional program dedicated to furthering the talented young singer’s knowledge of the Italian language, repertoire, culture, and bel canto style. Participants of “Si parla, si canta” have the opportunity to work with an internationally acclaimed faculty and to perform in some of the most cherished venues of the Piemonte and Lombardia regions of Italy.

Located in the breathtakingly beautiful and ancient city of Arona, situated right on Lago Maggiore, “Si parla, si canta” offers Italian language classes for students at every level, from the beginner to the very advanced. Over the course of our 8-week program, participants experience an impressive 152 hours of Italian class.

Click here to read Testimonials from Metropolitan Opera stars, Jennifer Johnson Cano, Kathryn Lewek, Donovan Singletary and former students.

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Mira Zakai

MIRA ZAKAI (1942- 2019)

All of us at “Si parla, si canta” mourn the passing of our dear, beloved, brilliant, beautiful, quirky, wonderful colleague and friend Mira Zakai. She was a great singer and a great teacher. We shall miss her tremendously. Click here to read her biography.


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Enjoy the visual beauty of Arona, the new home of “Si parla, si canta”.

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“Si parla, si canta” offers three possible program plans:

In the FOUR-WEEK PROGRAM (June 1 – June 29, 2019), besides daily intensive Italian language classes, participants are coached in operatic scenes they have been assigned. In addition, each participant receives a minimum of two private musical coachings per week with members of our elite faculty, to work on Italian arias and art songs of their own choosing. Other opportunities include master classes, aria concerts, and personalized sessions in Alexander Technique.

Three operatic scene concerts, including one with orchestra, are presented in a variety of lovely venues.

In the SIX-WEEK PROGRAM (June 1 – July 13, 2019), participants receive all the offerings of the four-week program. In addition, the last two weeks serve as an intensive period of study, in which participants are challenged to apply tools they have acquired in the first four weeks. New repertoire is assigned, coached, and performed. The six-week program also includes further private coachings, master classes, and an exciting concert in the Casa di Riposo per Musicisti in Milano, the retirement home for musicians founded and funded by Giuseppe Verdi himself.

EIGHT-WEEK PROGRAM (June 1 – July 27, 2019). This exciting new curriculum is what we are calling the “fast track to fluency.” The eight-week participants will experience the first six weeks of the program as described above, but will stay on for an additional two weeks in a course of study specifically designed for them. Italian classes will continue, of course, but the musical component will be different. Participants will receive DAILY private coaching, and at least two private Alexander Technique sessions per week. The more advanced singers may choose to use this time to learn a new operatic role in its entirety. Other singers may decide to explore new repertoire or make their Italian audition arias truly “bullet-proof.” The possibilities are boundless!

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