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Apply to "Si parla, si canta" 2020

Click here to download the application form.

To apply to "Si parla, si canta," mail your application with an audio or video recording. You may also email SPSC with a link to an MP3 or a YouTube performance online.

REPERTOIRE:   8 to 12 minutes of repertoire in any language that shows you at your best.

REQUIRED MATERIALS:   The following materials must be included in your mailed application.

  • 2020 “Si parla, si canta” Application Form
  • Performance Resume
  • One Letter of Recommendation
  • $40 Application Fee (checks made payable to “Si parla, si canta”)

ADDRESS:   Recorded CD or DVD auditions must be sent to the following address:
“Si parla, si canta” 1900 Empire Boulevard Box #234 Webster, NY 14580

MP3 recordings or links to YouTube performances may be emailed to

QUESTIONS:   Any questions or concerns about the application process can be sent to

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